D³-Playout is a comprehensive broadcast automation solution, which is designed to automate the broadcasting workflow, including program acquisition, scheduling, and playout. The scalable system architecture is suitable for any dimensions of TV stations, from one-box TV channel to hundreds of program channels. D³-Playout supports fully file-based operations, can easily exchange clips with any external systems, which greatly increases the workflow efficiency. It is capable to control multiple channels and various third-party equipments. With its advanced security mechanism and comprehensive system monitoring functions, D³-Playout is extremely solid and always reliable for critical on air operations.

Multiple Security Mechanisms

Media files can be automatically backed up & migrated in between online, nearline, and offline storage, according to pre-defined policy and schedule. Main-backup-emergency setup provides ultimate safety actions. The system can automatically switch to the backup or emergency program source, to guarantee the security of playout. All the core system components can be mirrored and auto-switched without interruption while on air.

Global Media Preparation

Global Media Preparation (GMP) is used to automate the on-air program preparation. It can automatically search & migrate clip files among external systems, such as post production system and MAM system. By using GMP, the detailed technical parameters such as storage locations, formats, IP addresses etc. are highly transparent to the operator, and the huge workload of transferring great amount of clips to playout server can be released.

Quality Control System

The system can automatically adjust audio amplitudes of different clips to a unified level. By using sophisticated algorithms, it can automatically detect any video/audio errors such as color bar, mosaic, still frame, black screen, etc. MD5 data verification technology is also integrated to guarantee the file integrity during migration.

Global Monitoring System

Monitors the status of software, database, workflow, and all the clip resources. Automatically analyzes system status and generates report for reference. The system also provides fully detailed operation records and as-run logs for administrative purposes.

Open Interface

Supports schedule and AD list from 3rd party. Supports various 3rd party equipments including video servers, routers, CG, key mixers, etc.

Intelligent Storage Management

Configurable management policies can be applied to clip migrating, clip cloning, and clip deleting. Priorities of each policy can be adjusted to ensure highly automatic clip file management and storage maintenance.