D³-MAM is a complete set of tools to manage any types of media asset. It provides an efficient way of reusing the existed media content and the system is highly scalable to fit for both enterprise level and workgroup level. --MAM gives you complete freedom of using media asset in different format from different sources. It comes with following components:

A highly scalable system

-MAM is probably the most scalable MAM system in the broadcasting industry. All the components can be integrated into just one single server, or distributed to multiple servers and workstations. According to the requirement on system scale and level of performance, D3-MAM can start from a one-box system, and evolve up to a huge scale system with massive storage capacity (PB level) and hundreds of client workstations working simultaneously.

Fully featured content acquisition

-MAM supports content acquisition from all common medium: legacy video tape, HDD, DVD, CD, XDCAM, P2, and Firewire. It can support not only video audio files, but pictures, texts, PDF files, etc. During video acquisition, low-res proxy copies and key frames can be automatically generated for further browsing and indexing purposes.

Highly flexible catalog functionality

Detailed catalog work can be done in multiple approaches, such as batch catalog, catalog with templates, off-line catalog, and automatically inherit metadata from external systems.

The metadata structure and catalog GUI can be totally customized to suite for different requirements. A grading system is also included, offering precise and manage able file access of different content.

Multi-format transcoding

-MAM can support all common formats. Highly efficient transcoding can be carried out during file importation, exportation, and web downloading. The system can automatically perform transcoding according to user-defined target format. With this powerful feature, --MAM can work as the hub of all the media files in the overall tapeless workflow.

High availability archive system

Unlike other offerings,--MAM includes self-developed archive module, supports management of online, near-line, and off-line storage areas (so called HSM architecture). It uses the truly open MTF format for maximum flexibility when accessing archived files. --MAM also provides multiple mechanisms to guarantee the security of the file archive, including LTO tape mirroring, automatic tape maintenance, tape backup, tape grouping and bonding, redundant archive servers, etc.

Easy-to-use search interface

--MAM offers both client based and web based search GUI. User can use full-text search for easy and fast file query, and a more precise multi-condition search method is provided as well. The search experience is also greatly enhanced by providing customizable personal setting, private virtual work folder, and multilingual search.

An open system

--MAM offers open API, can be easily integrated with any tapeless system. It can exchange not only media files in various formats, but fully detailed metadata saved in XML files.