D³-Studio is a modular and scalable solution for file-based studio operation, which integrates multi-channel playout, as well as on-the-fly studio recording. Instead of traditional point-to-point workflow, D³-Studio employs unified central storage and clip management to share and distribute clips, empowers parallel clip sharing and/or transferring among different studio rooms. With D³-Studio, user can easily achieve highly efficient, rock solid and flexible studio operation.


With D³-Studio’s modular design and scalable architecture, various customized workflows can be achieved.

Due to its unified resource management, large amount of resources can be more easily and quickly shared, managed, transferred, and deployed among various scenarios, such as non-linear editing, NRCS, media management, news studio, etc.

D³-Studio supports standard MOS protocol, which provides seamless connections with News, thus streamlines your entire news workflow.

D³-Studio provides flexible recording function. It can either be used to record external feeds, and share ingested clips among the network, or to record final on-air signal for archiving or post production. During the recording, editing on the fly is possible with simple clicking and dragging, which can greatly increase your working efficiency.

With D³-Studio, secure and stable playout is guaranteed. Supports Master/Slave playout mode A/B roll playback mode.