End-to-End News Solution

D³-News is a tapeless news solution which covers almost every aspect for news production, making everything at your hand and greatly increasing your working efficiency.


D³-News comprises a broad range of system components, including news material gathering, nonlinear editing, script editing, dubbing, auditing and so on. By combining different components and deploying its configurable workflow, D3-News can fully satisfy various needs ranging from enterprise level to medium/entry level.

D³-News extends the functionalities beyond news room, making it possible for journalist to work anytime and anywhere. For example, the on-field journalists can take advantage of “News Link” to transmit edited scripts and video files back to HQ as a package (the link between the script and video is based on time codes), which provides guaranteed news broadcasting with shortest possible time. Besides, many manual and repetitive works such as file importation and clip transformation can be done automatically thus your working efficiency can be enhanced dramatically.

D³-News fully supports standard MOS protocol. Through MOS, scripts can be smoothly sent to prompter, CG etc. Besides, D3-News can seamlessly integrate with Studio for news automation, recording and re-purposing.

D³-News supports multiple content sources/formats, such as P2, XDCAM, firewire, HDD files, News Wires, live signal feeds, VTR and so on. Detailed metadata can also be saved to ease the management and sharing of content.

D³-News provides journalists with a powerful editing and storytelling tool, allowing everything to take place at one desktop. Except for B/S & C/S editing modes, it combines script and video editing into one single screen, and can prosecute editing during ingest.

D³-News provides professional auditing software. Instead of toggling among different videos/script preview windows, auditing can be finished in one single interface. By simply dragging, clicking or typing, users can execute manual/automatic auditing whichever they prefer.