Post Production

Post Production

D³-Post is a fully featured network editing solution. It is designed for network-based and collaborative editing environment, providing comprehensive functionalities for sharing clips and projects among multiple editors and teams. Combining high & low-res editing, centralized rendering engine, and detailed network management tools, D3-Post represents greatest productivity, top level collaboration, and highest working efficiency.

The most powerful editing system

D³-Post offers probably the best performance: real time editing with up to 20 HD video tracks;

Supports up to 10 bit uncompressed finishing, and highest 16 bit color precision;

Real time up/down conversion in the track and at the signal output;

Real time audio effects plus Dolby surround sound;

Embedded “True 3D Space” CG, offers incomparable graphic & animation design capability, and comprehensive tools for title, crawl, logo creation;

Offers over 200 effects, including advanced color correction, real-time chroma key, speed changes, transitions, multi-points tracking, etc.

A highly efficient system

Seamlessly integrates with Ingest, you can start editing while ingesting, a big time saver in the time-sensitive editing environment;

Work natively with all common SD & HD formats, including QuickTime, DV, HDV, XDCAM HD/EX, DVCPRO HD, AVC-Intra, and many more. No need to transcode, even when mixing codecs in the same timeline.

Embedded software oscilloscope, easily monitors image quality in the editing GUI;

Automatically analysis video clips, filters out bugs in lightening speed;

Supports client-server architecture, a centralized rendering engine can provide highly efficient project rendering service for all the editing seats;

Easily integrated with any 3rd party system

Works natively with XDCAM HD/EX and P2/AVC-Intra, directly access media and metadata on a connected disc/card or device without having to transcode, import, or rewrap files;

Directly works with QuickTime, DNxHD, DVCPRO HD, DV, MPEG2, etc. without transcoding, compatible with all the common 3rd party systems.

Born for network collaboratio

Clip management is based on SQL database, offers advanced clip management features like virtual private folder, independent working path, multi-condition search, etc;

Single-Sign-On mechanism, takes your personal settings along with you, regardless which editing seat you are using;

Multiple users can access and play the same files and capture media to the same volume simultaneously, in real time. Projects and clips can be shared via network, without having to copy files to local storage;

Highly flexible user rights and file access control, perfectly balances the privacy and production efficiency. Also it significantly eases system administration in the multi-user environment;

High quality and professional I/O panel

D³-Post offers comprehensive connectors for video & audio signal I/O, supports both digital and analog interfaces. The I/O panel greatly simplifies the cabling work and guarantees the highest quality.