iChannel2 is a highly integrated, cost-effective, and easy-to-operate automation system for small and mid-size broadcasters. It supports up to 3 HD/SD playout channels in one compact chassis. The system is based on powerful video server platform, with rich features including ingest, playlist editing, multi-channel playout, CG, live signal pass-through, quality control, loudness control, etc.

Unlike other offerings, iChannel2 is not limited to a standalone playout box, it also can be used in a distributed multi-channel playout network, ensures excellent system scalability. By connecting multiple iChannel2 servers together, the system can support large number of playout channels, and there is a centrally located software module to handle automatic clip and playlist transfer. Separate workstations can be deployed for preparing playout schedules for multiple channels. Furthermore, various backup schemes can be configured to guarantee playout security.

Latest Development

We never stop enhancing our products for our clients, to reduce the system complexity and to save the cost. Here are the newly released functions of iChannel2 system:

Key Features

iChannel2 is integrated with various features like ingest, playlist editing, playout, CG, security assurance, and remote monitoring modules, offering comprehensive functionalities for daily broadcasting.


> Manual / Scheduled ingest

Fixed / Variable length ingest

Scheduled batch ingest with editable list

Ingest list import / export

VTR control

Clip Management & Playlist Editing

Automatically registers new clips to database

User-customizable 。ーresource tree。 for easy clip organization

Online/offline playlist editing: it allows playlists to be edited before clips are ready. The dummy clips will be updated and replaced by real ones automatically after physical clip files are loaded

Drag & drop operation for easy clip insertion: the operator can drag the commercials and drop them onto the target clip. A timeline is available for selecting the insertion point, with video display for referencing

Binding clips as a group, for easy and organized operation

Supports local clip, network storage clip, dummy clip, and live signal pass-through

Clip event & independent event: events such as CG, Matrix Switching, and VTR Control can be attached to each particular clip or clip group as clip events, or triggered by predefined date & time as independent events aside of the main playlist

Playlist import/export with auto-load function

Playout control and signal processing

Automatically loads and processes playlists

Supports ingest/playout Transport Streams over IP: MPTS / SPTS, MPEG-2/H.264, HD/SD decoding/encoding

DTMF encoding & decoding for auto commercial insertion

Playout modes: Sequence/Schedule/Insert/Trim in & out/Jump/Loop/Take

Live signal pass-through:

Input signal mapping to multiple channels

Transport stream mapping to multiple channelsCG overlay on input signal

Captures live signal while passing-through

Audio channel mapping/mixing/voice over for both clips and live feedsAudio channel mute

Audio channel switch

Audio channel mapping

Audio channel mix

Audio channel voiceover

VTR device control

Built-in 4*1 video router

External video matrix control

Supports AFD for HD/SD conversion

Advanced CG module

Powerful CG render engine supports complex CG layers

Rich CG elements: subtitle, logo, scroll, image, video, animation, and clock

Real time content replacement

Security Assurance

One-key emergency clip switching

One-key audio mute

Multiple backup plans: N+N/N+M/N+N+M:

Loudness control module

Quality control module

QC module runs at the background and automatically detects errors including frame lost, frame destruction, audio lost, audio destruction, video black, and still frame.

Alarm center

Alarm center connects with all modules to provide alarms on quality control, loudness control, clip status, and storage status. The alarms can be displayed on Email/SMS/PC Monitor.

Remote monitoring and control platform

Tablet based (Android OS), convenient-to-use

Multi-channel real time display

vEmergency playout control

Alarm display

Hardware Platform

iChannel2 is based on powerful video server platform which is designed for 24*7 highly reliable broadcasting.

Supports RAID10 / RAID6 / RAID 5

Up to 20 TB usable storage capacity after RAID5 setup

Utilizes Dayang Redbridge III card to offer up to 4 HD I/O channels with top level quality

Latest Intel XEON E5 series CPU with more computing power and stability

Redundant & hot-swappable configuration on key components: system disk, power supply, cooling fans, etc.

Proved for 24*7 operation, fully tested under high temperature and humidity