Dayang Technology Development Inc. is a world leading manufacturer and developer of broadcast-quality digital solutions for standard-definition, high-definition and web- based products for content creation, ingest, archiving, transcoding, broadcast playout and Media Asset Manage- ment. Founded in 1989, today, inside China, Dayang is a dominant brand of China market share. 

Dayang pioneered the development of character generators, non-linear editing equipment and completes digital networking systems for the Chinese market with full international compatibility. Manufacturing and production are ISO-9001, 3C and CE certified, which ensures the highest standards of design, assembly, testing and delivery. Dayang has a high reputation worldwide for reliable, scalable and cost-efficient products combining versatility with easy operation. 

Dayang products are now widely used worldwide in broadcast television, network communications, government agencies, businesses, health care, education and other industries and institutions in this new technology driven market.

A focused range of high value products with performance and reliability equal to or exceeding key competitors will be the basis for Dayang’s expansion in the international arena. In order to promote the value and performance of key Dayang products and building a network of select dealers worldwide to sell the products, Dayang presents 4 different products strategies as I/O card, software and CG/NLE card bundles, standalones and systems for international market.