Dayang team went to Thailand to attend ACIEC last week

       Dayang team went to Thailand to attend ACIEC last week

The 2019 ASEAN (BANGKOK) CHINA IMPORT & EXPORT COMMODITIES FAIR is the fair that gathering with consumer products over 1,000 items on the exhibition center; Impact Muang Thong Thani more than 13,500. Moreover, there are the entrepreneurs more than 300 companies,  with a  *  of quality export manufacturers from Thailand and China. The Chinese products have been certified by the Chinese government. To create a positive image in the manufacture of products from several counties in China.

Thailand has always been one of Dayang's important markets. Thailand has a very prosperous entertainment and broadcasting industry. Many families in Asia, including China, have seen Thai TV series. So Dayang set up a branch in Thailand, which is serving many Thai customers, including TrueVisions, CHT, Channel 9, MCOT, Chulalongkorn University, Health TV, PSI Satellite TV, ABAC University, Tateem TV, Likeadara TV and so on.

Dayang brought one of their best products, eStudio, for the ACIEC. It's a product designed by Dayang for outdoor scenes and small-scale studios. Set up virtual studio, switching station, playback, ingest, CG, graphics and so on.

Dayang eStudio is very suitable for educational scenes. Here is a demonstration of one of the virtual classroom scenes. Only one camera is needed in the virtual classroom, the teacher just needs to be in the green box, maybe home, maybe outside the country, anywhere. You can play PPT and Video in eStudio. It looks like a classroom, but it's better than a classroom.

Although there is only one camera, with Dayang virtual rocker technology, you can zoom in and zoom out without changing any camera settings.

You can zoom in to PPT, you can zoom in to video, or anywhere you want to.

There are photos of customers visiting Dayang booth and are also photos of our Beijing team.See you next year.