Dayang team attended China & Arab broadcast Cooperation Forum

China & Arab states broadcast Cooperation Forum is Held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province from October 16 to 18, 2019. With the theme of "deepening cooperation and spreading and creating content", the forum invited Chinese and foreign guests to make a keynote speech on broadcast technology, content creation and audio-visual communication, and explore effective ways to build common discourse space and deepen practical cooperation, so as to consolidate the public opinion and social foundation for building the "one belt and one road" and destiny community between China and Arab countries. 


As one of the most important technology companies in broadcasting industry, Dayang was invited to this forum and exhibition. Dayang aims to build a company that makes Chinese proud and has developed overseas market more than 20 years. Over 50% system solutions of China Central TV Station (Over100 Channels) was built by Dayang. And there are global customers from Over 120 countrise. Over 3 billion audiences watching programs produced or broadcasted by Dayang equipment every day.

Arab countries are an important market for Dayang products and after careful consideration, Dayang brought one of their latest products, etudio, to Hangzhou.

All functions of a studio is to be found on this light and portable machine: With advanced technology, Dayang has combined Switcher, IP Signal Plug and Pull Flow, Multi-Screen, Tuner, Multi-Channel Recording, Multi-Camera Replacement Real 3D virtually, Subtitle and Graphics, Non-Linear Editor, Convergence Media Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, Resource Searching and Streaming Media Live in it the epoch-making Dayang eStudio, overturning  the traditional concept of the product. eStudio is a cost-saving and portable machine with functions of both studio and OB Van! Many friends from Arab countries visited Dayang booth and expressed great interest in Dayang products.

Minister of information of Algeria

Iraqi News Corporation

 MBC Group

China Arab TV


 We also met a lot of Arab friends, at the booth, in the restaurant, in the hotel, in all places.