Dayang Team is on the NAB show in Las Vegas

NAB show is the biggest exhibition for broadcasting industry in the word. As one of the most famous broadcasting exhibitions in the world, the NAB show is hosted by the National Association of Broadcasters once a year in Las Vegas, USA.

Dayang has been participated as an exhibitor for 19 years. This time we take the most popular products eStudio (Virtual Studio), iChanne2 (Channel in box), fresco (Multi Viewer) to the show.

Dayang eStudio is an all-in-one product. It is suitable for mobile broadcast of unexpected news, live broadcasting of school activities, recording of excellent teaching courses and live broadcasting of sports matches. Our agent SWIT USA in San Jose bought eStudio 420 U right after he saw the product and took it to many exhibition in USA.

Portable and standard models of all-in-one eStudio

iChannel2 is a highly integrated, cost-effective, and easy-to-operate automation system for broadcasters. It supports up to 3 HD/SD playout channels in one compact chassis. The system is based on powerful video server platform, with rich features including ingest, schedule, playout, CG functions including Title, Timer and Scroll.

Our end users in Los Angeles MCS, they are running 3 channels (Korean national TV station in USA) by Dayang iChannel2 server for almost 5 years, and he did not face any problem for sure. They drove 8 hours from Los Angeles to Las Vegas just for saying hello and thank to Dayang.

Fresco-Atom a flexible embedded OS multi-viewer, which supports up to 16 3G/HD/SD-SDI auto-sensing inputs. Fresco-Atom can easily achieve any scaling, any repetition and any span for any signal in any location. Fresco-Atom relies on its superb image quality, steady embedded OS, low-power consumption, highly compact chassis and great cost performance, suitable for master control room, broadcast control room, studio, mobile control room and other centralized monitoring occasion. One of our end user from India came to our booth and say they have been using Dayang fresco for more than 5 years, and it works pretty good without any problem ever.

At the beginning of the exhibition, there are several companies have come to the booth. They came to the Dayang booth and asked about the performance and parameters of the product. Our team also demonstrated and explained the products for them. We believe that through the exhibition, we can show our leading technology in broadcasting field and establish a wide range of contacts.

The famous Chinese channel in Las Vegas, North America Chinese TV gave an interview to the general manager Jenny Zhu and broadcast via their channel.

The CTO of CCTV Mr. Ding Wenhua visited to Dayang booth

Leaders of Beijing Pavilion visited Dayang

The celebrating of Jenny’s 18 anniversary with Dayang

Our new dealer from France

New dealer in HK for the Philippines

Customers are very interested in Jenny’s introduction

An interview from International Trade Association for broadcast & media technology on NAB show

The exhibition runs from April 8 to April 11.

What you need to know about us

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