Dayang proudly participated in the BIRTV 2016 exhibition

BIRTV is China's most prestigious exhibition in radio, film and TV industry and a key part of China International Radio Film & Television Expo. In this event exhibitors shows the best technologies as well as services. Dayang participated in this annually event from 24-27 August proudly with its newly released products and stunning technologies such as 4K UHD production and broadcasting solutions, IP-Based automation system and even omnimedia services based on cloud.

Dayang IP-based solution allows broadcasters to stream multiple formats and resolutions for creating online and mobile graphics and video contact. It is set to enhance broadcasters’ ability to render on any platform with the new IP streaming capability. Graphics and video are composited in real-time and output as a stream in multiple format options and resolutions for online, mobile devices and live on-air.

The powerful eMagic, Dayang’s virtual studio system, presents producers with unrivaled possibilities. Complex 2D and 3D virtual sets, which include interactivity, can be easily created using an intuitive interface. eMagic Virtual Studio supports all major track and trackless functions, offering broadcasters plenty of virtual scene, multiple channels for camera, true 3D objects, CG, playlist, etc. for the creation of virtual sets.

At Dayang booth, e series professional tools, Dayang ichannel2 also offers broadcasters a quickly deployable, easy to use, fully integrated, compact control room in one system. Dayang eVIAS is a Media Asset Management system for broadcast and online. It manages all your assets using - metadata, search, proxy-editing, load balancing, and integrations with all major systems. Staff can produce video files for broadcast and online in a seamless workflow.