Dayang held a teleconference with the iabm to explore how to further cooperate in the context of the epidemic


Coronavirus-19 is now affecting the world more and more. NAB, one of the most important exhibitions in the international broadcasting industry, has to be cancelled for that. How to develop international market more effectively without exhibition and international travel?

As a silver 100 member of IABM, also as the most important solution provider in China, Dayang is an important partner of iabm, not only in China, but also in the world. So recently, iabm invited Dayang's overseas team to participate in the meeting to discuss the cooperation between the two sides under the epidemic.

First of all, they greet each other. Fortunately, neither team is infected. Then they discussed the cooperation. Dayang introduced the situation of returning to work, saying that China has made a lot of efforts, and Dayang has also made a lot of preventive measures. Dayang's work is going on as usual. At present, the development progress is normal and the product supply is sufficient. IAMB introduces the services they currently provide, such as virtual booth, virtual store, virtual summit, etc.



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