Dayang year book 2019 Q1

Q1 is the beginning of the year. It's also the transition between winter and spring. An old Chinese proverb says: ”The whole year's work depends on a good start in spring.  


Dayang 30th Anniversary


 Dayang Technology Development Inc. is a world leading manufacturer and developer of broadcast-quality digital solutions for standard-definition, high-definition and web- based products for content creation, ingest, archiving, transcoding, broadcast playout and Media Asset Manage- ment. Founded in 1989, today, inside China, Dayang is a dominant brand of China market share.

30 years is a long history among Chinese technology companies. Dayang celebrated the 30th anniversary very ceremoniously.




Chinese New Year Celebration



The spring festival is the most important festival in China. It is on January 1st according to the Chinese lunar calendar. It's China's New Year’s Day So usually a month before the festival, people begin to buy food clothes and decorations for houses. On New Year Eve, each family will gather together eating, talking and watching TV for almost the whole night. The children are the happiest of all because they can get presents from their parents or grand-parents. On Lunar New Year's Day. People will eat dumplings.

When they meet their neighbors’ or friends, they'll say: “Happy New Year!” The New Year celebrating activities will last about half a month.

We had a very happy Chinese New Year. Dayang has released four virtual scenes for the New Year. As I always said, you won't regret buying Dayang's products.



On March 21, 019, the 27th China International Radio and Television Information Network Exhibition (ccbn2019 for short) with the theme of "integrating and leading vision wisdom to connect the future" officially opened in Beijing China International Exhibition Center. After 27years of rapid development, as the annual grand meeting of the whole industry of radio and television, this CCBN will comprehensively display the development of radio and television technology innovation and industry trend in 2019, stimulate innovation wisdom, gather industry strength, present the innovation achievements in the field of radio and television technology in China from multiple aspects and angles, as well as the innovation trend and creation of the development of broadcasting industry in China. As a world-famous radio and television technology equipment exhibition, ccbn2019 covers 12 exhibition halls and 1 outdoor exhibition hall of China International Exhibition Center, with an exhibition area of about 60000 square meters. It will comprehensively display various technical equipment and innovative applications, such as collection and production, integrated broadcast control, transmission coverage, operation management, terminal service, as well as new media, network audio-visual, film, information, etc. of the radio and television industry It also integrates audio-visual, digital publishing, communication, it, electronic and other innovative technology products and integrated applications. It is expected to welcome nearly 1000 exhibitors and institutions at home and abroad, with more than 100000 professionals.

Dayang is the most important broadcasting industry supplier in China and plays a very important role in CCBN. Dayang media integration exhibition area is full of bright spots. Visiting customers pay attention to the innovation experience of COSCO Dayang in the integration construction and have a strong interest in the new application of Dayang. The 4K HDR exhibition area is full of people. Dayang's latest achievements in 4K Ultra HD field attract the audience, who stop to watch the Ultra HD 4K program completed by Dayang later. The d-cube-edit 5 Ultra HD production system, which just won the ccbn2019 product innovation award, has become the focus of attention.