Good news spread, Dayang has won three consecutive HD broadcast projects

With the development of the times, the audience has higher and higher requirements for viewing content and picture texture.

The state administration of radio, film and television (SARFT) issued a notice on accelerating the development of HDTV last year, which stated that by 2020, HDTV set-top boxes will be widely available, provincial-level and more developed prefecture-level stations will be basically high-definition, and HDTV channels will become the mainstream broadcasting mode.

Recently, the ocean for the winning Beijing television broadcast HD renovation project, Hebei full HD broadcast television broadcast system renovation project, Shanxi radio and television broadcast HD renovation project, power, Shanxi, Hebei radio and television, Beijing television broadcasting in a more clear vision, more gorgeous pictures, more wonderful content, broader platform, for the majority of TV viewers more exquisite audio-visual feast.

Beijing TV broadcasts a high-definition transformation

As one of the most influential and competitive mainstream media in China, BTV has always been in a leading position in the number of channels, program production capacity, technical level and income generation. With the continuous development of Beijing TV station's various businesses and the increasing number of new channels, satellite TV, sports and other channels have successively realized high-standard and clear co-broadcasting. It has become particularly important to build a complete third signal source broadcasting system.

The third signal source broadcast system is designed to provide the main broadcast system with safe, stable and independent of the existence of the main and standby signal source of the third channel signal selection. The system can independently complete the function of receiving program list, program preparation and program chart cultural broadcasting. With the ability of security guarantee, it can realize the linkage between program broadcast and broadcast control with the main system.

The construction of the third signal source broadcast system adopts the latest all-in-one integrated broadcast mode and the integrated system construction idea to make it more concise and easy to maintain.IN terms of server design, the VIPS server of Dayang Redbridge 8-generation board card is adopted. The single server can support up to 2 HD signal inputs and 4 HD and 4 signpost conversion signals simultaneously broadcast IN ALL IN ONE mode.

Hebei radio and television station full HD broadcast system reform

The winning project is the "last kilometer" of Hebei radio and television HD broadcasting system transformation. We will build 10 full HD channel broadcasting systems for Hebei radio and television. The construction of the system is based on digitalization and relying on network. We will make full use of various mature and advanced IT technologies to build a full digital high-standard clear co-broadcasting system integrating broadcasting, order compilation, preparation, supervision, information security and signal scheduling.

After completion, the full HD broadcasting system will be realized:

High standard clear co-broadcast

The construction of the system is mainly based on HD broadcast system, which adopts the method of compression and transformation to convert HD broadcast material content into standard clear content and broadcast.

Highly compatible with the original system

HD system adopts full digital embedded audio SDI signal format to realize full hard disk automatic broadcasting of 10 high-standard HD co-broadcast channels. It has the ability to expand channels conveniently and meet the requirements of video material and database content compatible with the original system.

Ensure the safety of document broadcast

We ensure the safety of program content through informatization and process-based preparation business management, and adopt MD5 data verification technology to ensure the integrity of documents for program preparation and transfer. The broadcasting system mainly focuses on the preparation of documents, and USES a variety of security means such as automatic technical review and manual reinspection to ensure the safety of documents broadcast.

Monitor broadcast business system

We will monitor key equipment, business process, software operation status and channel broadcast signal nodes, with alarm and prompt function. In addition, but also to master, of eight channels, IP standby signals for consistency, the real-time acquisition of the signal interface display, the system can judge immediately and quote us the consistency ratio on the results, auxiliary operators to quickly determine the picture if there is a problem, which can be controlled automatically or manually choose three signal switching.

IP standby system

The baseband IP broadcast technology with low delay is combined with the traditional SDI broadcast technology, and SMPTE 2022-6 standard is used as the baseband IP signal standard. In addition to the broadcast of main and standby links, an independent IP standby system follows the broadcast of main and standby signals. In the following broadcast mode, it can be unattended and the program list can be automatically updated synchronously to realize the backup broadcast function of 8 HD channels of Hebei radio and television.

Shanxi radio and television station broadcast high-definition transformation

With the vigorous development of Shanxi radio and television station, the existing broadcasting system can no longer meet the needs of the business. In this high-definition transformation project, we will build a broadcasting control system for Shanxi radio and television station to broadcast 7 HD channels in parallel with the existing 3 HD channels.

The existing preparation system and high-definition broadcasting system of the three channels in the station are ocean construction. The newly built broadcasting system will achieve seamless docking with the whole station preparation system of the ocean, and adaptively match the program code and broadcast program form and other information in the whole station file preparation system.

The content of this construction includes channel broadcast control system, display monitoring system and so on. According to the business requirements of the platform, the broadcast system will undertake the content release of each production system under the whole platform framework, including: broadcast subsystem, preparatory system, broadcast compilation system, upload system, technical review system, business data subsystem, basic support platform and other subsystems.

The newly built monitoring system in this project mainly monitors the signals of the newly built 7 HD channels, integrates the existing monitoring system for unified control, monitors and records signals, and plays back the broadcast signals.

As the technical service provider of pan-media industry, Zhongke Dayang has experienced the era change to digital with the majority of users, and gained the trust and favor of a large number of users to HD and to today's 4K ultra-hd. Especially in broadcasting, has many years of technical accumulation and application experience. The project will allow the audience to see a clearer picture in front of the TV and experience a new visual enjoyment.