CCTV 4K ultra HD channel has been launched, bringing great honor to both Dayang and customers

As the first super star TV channel in China

CCTV-4k ultra HD channels

It officially starts at 10 a.m. on October 1.

Beijing, Guangdong and Shanghai were among the first 13 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities

National Day is a holiday that can be enjoyed by some of your friends

Zhongke Dayang has the honor to build the host station 4K ultra HD TV channel and 4K TV production and broadcasting technology system!

The launch of 4K channels marks another solid step forward for China national radio and television general station to build a world-class new mainstream media with strong leadership, communication power and influence.

The picture shows the machine room of China central radio and TV station 4K channel

On the morning of October 1st, the launching ceremony of 4K ultra HD channel of China national radio and TV station was grandly held, and the leaders, experts and the Dayang vice-president Tong Shang attended the launching ceremony.

The picture shows the ceremony

The picture shows the opening ceremony

The indissoluble Bond between Dayang and CCTV

Dayang assist CCTV 4K ultra HD TV channel Build 4K broadcasting system

Dayang assist the central radio and television to build 4K broadcast system. This combined with ultra HD resolution, software definition, IP network, the new technology and new process such as virtualization application, it has realized the TV show in the resolution, Numbers, color space, high dynamic range of quality improvement, push 4K ultra HD resolution system online the whole process.

Create a 4K production platform

The post-production project of 4K production platform is a new 4K production platform newly launched by CCTV at the end of 2016. Through in-depth research and investigation of this project, Dayang has tailored efficient and practical application program for CCTV. In the two-year preliminary test, detailed tests were made on format support, encoding and decoding efficiency, real-time performance, color quality, 4K packaging, output efficiency and other aspects, providing more film sources for 4K high-end programs.

Build a media asset cloud services platform

Dayang built the media asset cloud service platform for CCTV, fully supports the warehousing, cataloging, storage management and download and use of new media business data of the platform's integrated program production platform, news integrated media production platform and new media content integrated release platform.

The construction of the platform project of media asset cloud service has realized the relevant production and broadcasting function of 4K programs through the establishment of a new backup system and the development of new functions. At the same time, new media content integrated publishing platform is provided with new media program push service, so as to establish a complete framework for new media and integrated production mode in the platform. The establishment of media asset cloud service platform is an important node in the history of media asset development of CCTV, and also an important milestone in leading the development of media capital industry.

The launch of CCTV 4K ultra HD channel is Dayang's gift to the 69th anniversary of the founding of new China on the first day of National Day, which is also the best proof of our practice of "being a proud enterprise of Chinese people".