Tsinghua University was officially launched the future media lab practice system of the experimental teaching center of school of journalism and communication

On the afternoon of September 27, the opening ceremony of the experimental teaching center of the school of journalism and communication of Tsinghua University was successfully held in the future media lab of Tsinghua University.

Leaders of school of journalism and communication of Tsinghua University, faculty and staff of the whole school and leaders related to Zhongke Dayang, who built the experimental teaching platform, attended the opening ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, the relevant person in charge of the laboratory introduced the future media lab and the experimental teaching center of the school of journalism and communication.

The leadership of the college highly appraised the laboratory's rapid and efficient construction in a short period of time. In the next step, it is hoped that all disciplines of the college will carry out the experimental teaching activities in a solid way, and produce results and benefits, so that students can better enjoy the first-class experimental environment.

During the conference, Yishen Hu the deputy general manager of Dayang Marketing department gave the presentation of “the actual combat of convergence media and journalism teaching practice” to share communication with teachers. Zhongke Dayang in applying media did share solutions, products, technology, and the actual combat experience of convergence media report with the journalism and communication course teaching experiment point.

Dayang pushes forward the construction of the experimental teaching center of the school of journalism and communication of Tsinghua University. Based on the solution of Dayang convergence media center, it builds a comprehensive experimental environment of news communication for the laboratory that integrates news big data platform, command and dispatch, integrated editing, new media release, all-media broadcast and video-audio production and broadcasting.

The successful launch of the center will meet the requirements of the journalism experiment teaching in the school of journalism and communication, Tsinghua University, for the disciplines of communication, news gathering and editing, new media operation and media management. It provides students with an open learning and communication platform in experimental practice, content creation and other aspects, and comprehensively supports the cultivation of convergence media talents and scientific research innovation.

In the future, Dayang will continue to help Tsinghua University school of journalism &communication, exert its advantages, to create first-class journalism and communication discipline, training excellent talent of journalism and communication, to explore the advanced concept of journalism and communication, efforts to promote education with Chinese characteristics and international standards of journalism and communication, and the development of research, common for the construction and development of China's contributions to the socialist cause of journalism and communication.