Dayang joint hands with 4K Garden

On May 25, 2018 Dayang and 4K Garden have officially reached strategic cooperation. The two sides announced that it will carry out comprehensive technical cooperation in 4K post-production, content production and distribution of content and so on. Moreover, both side will work out with integrate the advantage resources and technical ability that set up the 4K technical and manufacture of complete training system.

Dayang Executive President Mr. Jiang Li, 4K Garden founder Mr. Yi Wu, Dayang Vice President Mr. Tong Shang (from right to the left)

Dayang and 4K Garden both are Chinese high-definition video industry association members. For this time cooperation, Dayang Vice President Mr. Tong Shang said: “ This cooperation is a win-win co-operation, the two side will jointly address the difficulties in 4K technology, exploring new technology innovation, promoting the transformation of 4K related technology products and 4K industry development. “

4K Garden’s 4K front-end technology chief engineer Mr. Lu Yu said: “it’s a great pleasure to hand in hand with Dayang such a leading technology, resources, and deep in the industry which has a good reputation of the company. Both company will explore and develop together in the 4K and future technology and production areas. The post-production part of 4K Garden, whether the program collection, the post-production or the 4K live broadcast with rich production experience. We hope this time not only in the field of 4K program production technology and transmission together with Dayang, but the 4K talent cultivation also can use their own resources and experience, especially for 4K of China industry front-end program production deliver more talent. This will be the better way to push the sustainable development of the industry.

Dayang was founded in 1989, as the world’s leading “extensive media industry technology service provider”, it has been for the press and publication, and radio and television agencies provide products, services and technology solutions. It has won the first prize in nation science and technology progress prize twice. It is the masses of users “trustworthy fusion media experts”. In the past two years, Dayang successively undertook the China’s first 4K Ultra HD channels--Guangdong Radio and TV Station 4K channel all broadcast system and part of 4K production system, CCTV 4K production system, Zhejiang Huashu TV broadcast 4K system, Sichaun Province Cabel Company, Shanghai media player as well as the construction of the Palace Museum 4K project.

In the process of project implementation, Dayang impressively felt from HD upgrade to 4K, it is not only a simple definition of ascension, but also need to be in accord with a standard at the same time maximize the optimization process, for customers to save time, improve efficiency. For this purpose, Dayang has done a lot of basic research and development work and achieved satisfactory results. At present, the Ultra HD definition full-process solution consisting of Dayang 4K production system, 4K transcoding, 4K media platform and 4K broadcasting system is providing high quality services to more customers.

Particularly want to stress is that the division in the Dayang post-production platform construction, the application of virtual studio technology and late editing system and transcoding platform etc. Dayang have absolute advantages, through this cooperation, it will be for the 4K Garden to provide support and assistant in production processes. Both side will give their best to the characteristics of their respective fields, connect and tie up the whole process. In order to build a perfect 4K production pre-and post-production process system, and provide customers with a complete set of solutions.

As a company who focus on the 4K content in the industry, 4K Garden always quick layout, and created a lot of 4K live milestone in the field of events. Including public broadcast for the first time, the first nationwide live 4K and 4K for the first time direct broadcast satellite transmission and so on. In terms of 4K content production, 4K Garden cooperated with nearly 300 content production organizations to make authentic 4K content for thousands of hours. In 4K content distribution, 4K Garden sustain provide 4K 50P content for China’s first 4K channel—Guangdong Radio and TV Station 4K channel. Including Guangdong IPTV, Hebei Unicom, Huashu, Shandong New Media and other private network channels such as Hisense, XGIMI, Skyworth, Dangbei Market, TCL and other public channels at the same time. Totally have over hundreds of channels to distribute for 4K content.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of Ultra HD industry, 4K Garden significantly occupies a leading position in live broadcasting and content production by virtue of its first-mover advantages and technology accumulation. At the same time, large 4K program production center, 4K special effects center and 4K production technology training center for high-end movies and TV programs are also under construction.

There is no doubt that through this cooperation, both sides will jointly promote the development and application of China’s Ultra HD ecological business.