New Strat, New Leap, the twenty-ninth Anniversary was a Happy Ending!

January 18this an extremely important day for Dayang, and this year is no exception. On this special day, people from all over the country meeting together in Beijing to celebrate the twenty-ninth birthday of Dayang.

Let’s have a look of New Year Greeting from Dayang all the offices and company leaders. (Due to the limited space, the complete video is not available here. The video is completed by the Dayang Crystal System, the below shown a few photos which are chose from the video).


(GM: International Business Unit)

(Thanks the Greeting from EuropeMediaHouse by Micheal)

(CEO: Mr. Jiang Li)

(VP: Mr. Zhang)

(VP: Mr. Wang)

(CEO Assistant: Mr. Qing)

In addition to the above blessings video, various departments also sent a blessing flag for Dayang.

Don’t forget your original intention and forge ahead

The summary commendation conference of Dayang 2017

The CEO of Dayang, Mr. Jiang has made a summary of the work last year within the challenges, opportunities and successes these three aspects to all employees in 2017. In the last year, Dayang has been fruitful with remarkable achievements, numerous projects and a growing number of strategic partners. In the next year 2018, Dayang will be thriving and move to a new arears, explore new technology, deeping the reform of the company system. Never forget the original intention and forge ahead. Let us sail in the ocean and to explore and fighting!

The awarding ceremony began after the summary commendation. It is worth mentioning that is the Top Ten employees of the company last year were chosen in different ways. With on-site mobile phone voting as the standard and choose 10 winners from 19 candidates. (The voting system is developed by the Dayang’s Cloud Team).

Looking at the neck-and-neck vote charts, the leaders took the stage canvassing for their stuff. Finally, the Top 10 highest number of votes were chose as the Top 10 employees of 2017. Congraduations.

The Wonderful Program continues, the Live Broadcast rised heated discussion

Finally move to the exciting dinner party. In this section, it is the time to carry on the advertisment implantation! The party was broadcasted by the Dayang newest product eStudio. And through Dayang Cloud grand view paltform to televise live. Those who can not come to the annual meeting will no longer have to worry about missing the wonderful performance. There were over 10000 people watched the on-line broadcast live.

The first opening show “The Lighting Show”which combines creativity, warmth and emotion to make the audience feel the pride of being an Dayang person.

After “The Lighting Show”, there is International Business Unit (IBU) bring you an English song “You Raise Me Up”. Believe you guys already pay attention on the little girl as shown on below picture. She is only 5 and able to sing a whole English song.

The next stage of the show was not only pass through but also performce from beauties. The picture is truely demonstrates that they were play the court dance.

Next came the song “the Yellow River Chorus” performed by our Dayang Stars. Here is a special mention: Dayang Star is the “heavelevel” person of the company who chose from various department combine as a group. They are the most hard-working, proactive and innovative person of the department. They received a lot of applause for a “senior lip-synch” from the audience.

The next performer sing with his unique “smoky voice” sing the song “The Ideal”. It is singing of his simple and true pursuit of the dream.

Since it is a party, so how we can celebrate without the sketch? Our colleagues from Dayang Media Department put on a wonderful and humorous show which called “the Four Chasing Dream People”.

Dayang’s annual conference program is becoming more and more popular. A group of young attractive girls were present a hot dance.

The following program was appeared in the form of Dayang’s previous programs. But this time, we decided to play some innovations and keep up with the trend. It is absolutely the Talk Show. The feature of this talk show is that the employee from Dayang complains to each other with jokes.

(Several senior staffs brought us an interesting talk show of “ridicule first, friendship second”, in the end of the show they sang a song “Five Ring Song”)

The next show is the funny version of “the radio gymnastics”, which is not the same as the broadcast gymnastics we remember. This performer’s pose earn a lot of praises.

General singing contest is compete who sing is better, but the following program they were strive for whose voice is “bigger”. They sang a song “The Dream-seeker Champ”which was touching peoples’ heart. And these five middle-aged man perfect deduce what is called hero.

You might feel this is the end of the party. You are wrong. The grand finale has not yet performed until Dayang’s band get on the stage with their excellent talent.

If you pay attention that you can see the young man in the background was playing this song with 12 instruments. It is been said that there are a lot of talents in the Dayang and now proves it again.

It is close to the end of the show. Do you want more?

Looking back to the past 29 years, Dayang is a leading enterprise in the industry that has cultivated a batch of excellent talents and promoted the reform and development of the industry. In 2018, we will keep our original mind and strive for the transformation and take-off Dayang.